About Hand2Hand


1.5°C and more?

What can be done to counteract the consequences of the climate catastrophe? Where can we start? What can WE humans do about it?


Stop Fast Fashion!

What if your new sweatshirt barely uses any water? No employees exploited? This is possible with second hand.


Vintage as a lifestyle

Second hand, but in cool? That is our mission! Vintage clothing offers you the best of environmentally conscious shopping and cool styles. Shopping without a guilty conscience.
  • 1) Search vintage

    Search for a long time in second hand shops? Don't worry, we'll take care of it for you!

  • 2) Reprocess clothing

    Used clothing?! Easy, because we prepare every product for you. Ready to wear!

  • 3) Offer a fair sale

    Overpriced vintage products? No, fair prices is our motto. This applies to you... and us. :)


    You & your trust

    With your purchase decision you are contributing to environmental protection and sustainability.
  • 2) LUKE

    Operations & Services

    Lukas ensures that you receive your order and are satisfied :)
  • 3) MICHI

    Founder & Owner

    Michi takes care of new products & all the things in the background of the shop :)

What are you contributing to?

You can find more information about sustainability & sustainable fashion at Hand2Hand here:

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