Sizing Guide

Since there are always big differences in vintage clothes depending on the brand, we estimate and measure every single garment to find out the "actual" size. You can find the right size for your size here below in this table.

Size specified estimated height
XS and smaller  >1,60m
S 1,60m - 1,69m
M 1,69m - 1,78m
L 1,78m - 1,86m
XL 1,86m - 1,97m
XXL < 1,97m


Of course, we would also like to offer you the measurements of the individual products. For this purpose, the graphic below gives you information about from where to where we measure the clothes in each case.

Size Chart Hoodie Grafik 

A: Armpit to Armpit

B: Shoulder to waistband

C: Sleeve length